Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Recently I've lost two goods friends - one to pancreatic cancer and the other to liver disease. Both were heartbreaking. In addition, the preacher who was responsible for my return to the church after a 30 year absence, was recently pressured into resigning from the pulpit, and the superintendent of the small Christian school that my daughter attends, whom I'd grown very close to, is returning to Texas in a couple of weeks. They say that when one window closes, another one opens, but here lately I'd been feeling like all four of the windows had been rolled up tight, and I was left sitting in the car alone. My wife suggested that I start a blog and join facebook, and I did both of those things today. Almost immediately I started hearing from family members as well as old friends, and it has felt great. Sort of like someone rolled down all the windows, put the top back, plugged in an 8-track and tossed me the keys. Thanks.

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